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Spatial Digital Twin,
Made In Minutes

Create Digital Twins for real-world systems via our low-coding AI powered platform

SpatialWork in Action

Real-World Examples of SpatialWork


Southeast Asia’s First 5G Shipyard Equipped with Digital Twin Capabilities From Construction Stage To Operations Stage


improvement in field engineer's efficiency


reduction in man hours required for on-site quality inspection

Products used


SpatialWork AR


Unlocking the Potentials of SpatialWork

SpatialWork allows you to import building plans and data sets, so you can interact with information and insights in 3D digital environments known as Digital Twins. It is ideal for Industry 4.0 / Industry 5.0 facility management, automation and urban planning.

Green Pink Screen Mock Up Instagram Post.png

SpatialWork Mobile is a mobile application to access the spatial digital twin through 3D and Augmented Reality experience. User visualize 3d layout and live data in real world environment by augmenting spatial info on top of the camera feed.

Success by Numbers

A Look at Our Business Impact


million square meters


localization devices


IoT sensors



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Accelerating Success with Nvidia Inception

We are proud to announce that we are now part of Nvidia Inception Program


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