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Award-Winning Next-generation Manufacturing Plant Digital Twin Tackling Sustainability Challenges

14 days

from planning to deploy the digital twin system

1 min 

response time to improvement



HP Indigo Singapore coordinates logistics for other HP businesses in Asia. They oversees research and development for HP's mobile and inkjet printer product lines. Its other operations include manufacturing core HP products such as PCs and imaging and printing products. 

Problem Statement

Before collaborating with Hiverlab and implementing Spatial Work, HP faced the challenge of effectively capturing, organizing, and displaying data related to ink production in their manufacturing plant. They relied on multiple resources and lacked a centralized system to monitor materials wasted, power consumption, carbon footprint analysis, and machine processes. This made it difficult to gain real-time insights, improve sustainability, and reduce waste production.



Hiverlab built a spatial digital twin platform that provides transparent data monitoring, analytics and visualization to improve the operation efficiency.

The platform for ink manufacturing plant allows the team to capture, organise, and display data related to production including materials wasted, power consumption statistics, carbon footprint analysis, and data pertaining to machine processes. The system provides real time insights to improve sustainability and reduced waste production.


With the implementation of the Spatial Work solution for HP's ink manufacturing plant, the following results were achieved:

-Improved Data Visualization

-Enhanced Sustainability and Waste Reduction

-Streamlined Operations and Efficiency

-Centralized Data Management

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