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Award Winning Cutting-edge Supply Chain Digital Twin From Design Stage to Operations Stage, Now on 5G


improvement in field engineers’ efficiency


reduction in man hours required for on-site quality inspection

Warehouse Workers

Project Background

The pandemic has created uncertainty in supply chains globally. Businesses are looking for new ways to increase supply chain visibility and agility via digital transformation during pandemic and post pandemic. DB Schenker as a leading 3PL who handles several MNC’s regional distribution centers is constantly looking into innovations to drive customer success


With our ongoing user engagement research across departments, a Digital Twin solution has been deployed at DB Schenker to support integrated operations across departments used by internal and external stakeholders. While compatible with 4G, the system is now upgraded with 5G infrastructure, allowing Schenker to have one the first 5G powered warehouses and logistics operations in the world.


More than 10 systems are integrated and harmonized for visualization, analytics, and automated decision making, to tackle operational and sustainability challenges. 


The Digital Twin empowers Schenker to create better end-to-end supply chain visibility for effective customer engagement & decision making experiences. It has been awarded the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Innovation Award (SEA) in 2021 as a globally recognised case study to effect positive change in the built and natural environments.

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