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Pricing Plan

Choose the plan that works for you


  • Maximum 3 project

  • 1 GB hosting storage

Free​ plan features

  • Spatialwork Mobile and PC License

  • 3D layout editor

  • Data visualization Tools

  • Dynamic object

  • VLS(Limited computing quota)

  • SpatialAI(Limited computing quota)

SpatialWork for PC

Version 0.8.0

Release notes:

  • Add setting to change spatialmap refresh rate

  • New model: SWAI, the large language interface for real time data interaction

  • Support new file format: .ply


  • Unlimited projects

  • 100 GB hosting storage

Free plan features, plus:

  • Multi-user voice chat

  • Features & UI customization

  • Project creation services

  • Domain customisation

  • Flexible deployment 

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SpatialWork for Mobile


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