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Introducing Spatialwork

Explore the top features of Spatialwork 



3D Layout

Create and adjust the 3D layout of your facilities. Whether it is a manufacturing plant, a warehouse, or a building, SpatialWork has you covered.


Volumentric Live System

Hiverlab's proprietary AI-powered computer vision solution allows for generation of live Digital Twins based on CCTV camera feeds. Obtain real-time updates and insights of your spaces and operations with VLS.

Copy of Edit Annotation Position (small).gif


Data Visualization

Create your own data visualization charts from a wide range of templates that will suit your needs. Bring them to the right place in your 3D space. Think of it as a 3D version of Power BI or 3D version of Tableau.


Dynamic Object

There may be moving objects in your live Digital Twin, e.g. AGVs, cars, human beings, etc. SpatialWork supports the live visualization and analytics of such dynamic objects. Link the data from systems such as IoT systems directly into SpatialWork for live visualization and analysis.

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SpatialViewer XR

SpatialViewer also comes in native AR / MR formats. Visualize your 3D models, data charts, alerts, and spatial annotations, all in the space while you are physically onsite. This is a great tool to aid your operational efficiency

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