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SpatialWork in Action

Real-World Examples of Our 3D Data Visualization Solution


Southeast Asia’s First 5G Shipyard Equipped with Digital Twin Capabilities From Construction Stage To Operations Stage


improvement in field engineer's efficiency


reduction in man hours required for on-site quality inspection

Products used


SpatialWork AR


Unlocking the Potentials of SpatialWork

SpatialWork allows you to import building plans and data sets, so you can interact with information and insights in 3D digital environments known as Digital Twins. It is ideal for Industry 4.0 / Industry 5.0 facility management, automation and urban planning.

desktop mockup.png

SpatialWork AR can be used to visualise Digital Twins in the real world, redefining human-machine interactions in the era of Industry 5.0.

  • How is the data in my digital twin kept secure?
  • How can digital twin benefit my business?
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  • What industries can use a digital twin?
  • What is a digital twin and how does it work?
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  • What kind of technical expertise is required to use a digital twin?
  • Are there any additional costs for technical support or maintenance?
  • Are there any long-term contracts or commitment needed?
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  • Can I change my pricing plan in future?
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  • Can you provide custom pricing for my business?
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